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Eri-internationalsports (Eri-Intlsports.org)

Eri-Internationalsports (Eri-intlsports.org) was first created as a blog over 10 years ago to help educate sports fans about Eritrean athletes around the world and within Eritrea. Other than consulting it also serves as an information tool that can help share sports information which can be helpful to media, academics, and historians while also educating the younger generation about the great deeds of Eritrean athletes that have done amazing things in the past, those that are doing great things today and the young generations that are up and coming. While the long-term of Eri-Internationalsports.org is to help bridge gaps and share valuable information, it will also play a role in the development of sports in Eritrea and forge relations with different organizations that can help the growth of sports as a whole, while protecting the interests of athletes as individuals to be productive and educated citizens of Eritrea & the world.

Eri-internationalsports (Eri-intlsports.org)
Created in 2004 in Maryland and officially registered in 2018 in the state of Virginia, Eri-internationalsports is the trusted and unifying voice, advocate and partner for Eritrean athletes, fans and administrators at all levels of the  sports in different classifications. As the top informed organization that brings the diaspora and home grown sports people inside Eritrea together through networking, we identify and unite Eritrean athletes including those in the diaspora with roots from Eritrea at all levels around the love of sports and Eritrea. We also elevate the management of sports through advocacy, education and service. 
To learn more visit: Eri-intlsports.org 

Vision Statement: 
Eri-internationalsports (Eri-intlsports,org) is the trusted and unifying voice, advocate, and partner for the development of sports in Eritrea and internationally by connecting athletes with Eritrean roots. 

Mission Statement: The mission of Eri-internationalsports (Eri-intlsports.org) is to provide programs and services that enhance, contribute to, and advocate for the development and recognition of education and sports in general for athletes be it national or international organizations by working closely with the Eritrean Cultural and sports commission based in Eritrea.

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