would like to wish the nation of Eritrea a happy independence day on this special occasion. Independence is the source of prosperity for all individuals. On the 32nd occasion of Eritrean independence we would like to emphasize that SPORTS as a whole continues to play a huge role in the development and understanding of how Eritrea and Eritreans can benefit as a nation. As of now the most popular athlete of Eritrean heritage can be described as the young Alexander Isak of Newcastle United who makes his career in the world’s top futbal league. While thousands of EPL fans in Eritrea root for Arsenal and Manchester United, the young Eritrean standout who loves his heritage continues to shine always making sure his Eritrean roots never shy away from him. Here below he sends a message of congratulations to his parents birthplace Eritrea.

Through sports and other important activities would like to share that Eritrea’s success is already taking off and very soon we shall see many different Eritrean youth like Alexander Isak showing the world that Eritrea is capable of making miracles. Those who gave away their lives for the guarantee of independence will never be forgotten. Their spirits will forever remain in Eritrean and our friends hearts.

Happy 32nd Eritrean Independence day.


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