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To all our fans and followers;

     As we build the non-profit status within all the legal status for doing business around the world, we have had to cover the costs of our operating budget from our own pockets. We do a lot of work of helping many young and up and coming athletes, while also helping our national Eritrean programs and many other activities here in the USA. We are working with professionals to build a sustainable nonprofit but as we do that we would like to ask your support for initial operations costs. Please help us get off the ground. has been working hard to become a full fledged non-profit and we have been registered as such. This is an organization that has limited resources but has done a lot for our sports community around the world. Please support us by utilizing the barcode or by simply going to our Fundrazr website where we have set up a Paypal account.

That address is

We will have some great news with our plans for the years ahead. We are working to bring all Eritrean sports people around the world to come together and make more history through sports.

Thank you and respectfully yours,

Mike Seium for (

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