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To all our supporters and fans. As we attempt to gradually build the non-profit that is Eri-internationalsports we have been blessed with so many years of consistency that promoted sports for the Eritrean people and the great nation of Eritrea. We have been fighting the fight to stay in the thick of sharing, informing and educating Eritrean and diaspora athletes by making sure that their opportunities are always better at the international stage.

We are lucky to have the name ESPN1 as it stands for Eritrean Sports Programming Network. Support our channel and please subscribe to our channel. It is also important to know that our website has made a couple of changes and we are growing slowly to share as much information as possible. We will share historical moments but also support our media to tell the great stories of Eritrean sports that have not been exposed. We will consult, and educate Eritrea’s sports management as a nation but also stand up with our athletes in all sports.

Thank you in advance for all your support and we will continue to work hard as the sky is the limit for the future of sports for Eritrea and Eritreans around the world.


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