VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!VOTE! Mekdes Woldu. Eritrean-French record holder.

Its time for voting and many of you Eritreans and friends played a big role in Mekdes Wodu’s overwhelming vote last year in December as she won the athlete of the month in France by the French Athletic Federation for her amazing achievements of last year. Mekdes is at it again and this time she is even in a much better shape and achieved an even better performance record as she holds the French record for half marathon based on her performance this past year in Malaga Spain with a time of (1 h 8’27”).

Mekdes is competing for the athlete of the month vs 4 other athletes including Bastien Augusto, who finished in 6th place at the European Cross Country Championships in Turin. Velentin Bresc who won a bronze medalist in the U23 European Cross Country Championships in Turin. Yann Chaussinand, who completed a 76.25m distance in the hammer throw for his return to Saint-Paul. Nicolas Navarro, who was in 4th place in the marathon held in Valencia with a time of (2h07’01’).

Let’s all vote for Mekdes by going to the link below and choosing her for her excellent work as an athlete.


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