Petro Mamu wins Giir di Mont, second big victory in the summer of 2022.

Eritrean mountain runner Petro Mamu edged out Cristian Minoggio of Italy by 13 seconds in the prestigious Giir di Mont di Premana race that took place in Italy. For the first time since the Covid-19 epidemic close to 400 athletes from 14 countries lined up at the start of the Premana, Italy race last weekend. The Giir di Mont, which is the 5th Gold Label race of the 2022 Valsir Mountain Running World Cup was being held for the 28th time. It is considered one of the top races for the mountain classification. It is to be recalled that last month Petro had won another race.

In this particular race, however, Petro’s duel was with Cristian Minoggio. They were both above the rest of the field from the start of the race. They both traded the lead a number of times. They stayed too close as they were never apart by more than seconds. When they reached the Alpe Deleguaggio, they were both ahead of the entire competition by 7 minutes.It was Minoggio who held an advantage of 10 seconds over Petro Mamu until the last few miles of the race when it was decided as they both got close to the finish line.

In the end the agility and strength of the proud Eritrean Petro was a bit too much for his counterpart Petro was able to get the victory in Premana as he took the win in 3:11:29 to Minoggio’s 3:11:42. Congratulations to this world class legend in his sport as he makes history in mountain running.


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