Eritrean Rahel Daniel is ranked #1 in the world in Cross Country Running & Dolshi Tesfu is #6 in the latest world ranking.

Eritreans Rahel Daniel and Dolshi Tesfu currently are ranked in the top 7 of the world’s best cross-country runners out of 94 runners. It is to be recalled that Rahel in May of 2022 at the Prefontaine Classic race in Eugene, Oregon placed 3rd in the 5,000 meters and 9th in a 10,000 meet that took place on June 6th, 2022 in the Netherlands at FBK Games in front of a huge crowd at the Blankers-Koen Stadion, Hengelo. Both ladies have been in the top ranking going on for 15 weeks.

Rahel’s consistent results have put her in the top 10 in every race she has raced so far in her career. Meanwhile, it was with her win in Albufeira, that Rahel moved into the lead in the Cross Country Tour standings. Ethioipia’s Likina Amebaw and Kenya’s Lucy Mawia, are jointly in second place.

Beatrice Chebet of Kenya also has the same amount of points as the 2nd and 3rd place putting Dolish Tesfu of Eritrea technically in 4th place overall. While Rahel seems to be the only Eritrean national team to qualify for the World Athletics championships to be held in a few days in Eugene, Oregon, chances are we shall see another Eritrean from the diaspora or Eritrea also making the Eritrean presence noticeable.

With many up-and-coming Eritrean, women athletes, especially running Rahel Daniel is setting the standard high as she also prepares for what will be a very challenging World championship to be held in July 2022. What makes it even more unique that Rahel remains in 1st place is the types of events she has participated in thus far. Eritrean Coach Livingstone Abraham has done an incredible job of building some world-class Eritrean runners and Rahel Daniel may well be one of the best he has trained. He has a ceaseless passion and dedication to making the best out of the athletes he trains and respects. It is to be recalled his wife Eritrean Nazreth Woldu also has been garnering some impressive results including a huge win recently in South Korea. Let’s keep an eye on all these great athletes.


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