Shannon Abeda the best African & Black Alpine skier in the world and Beijing 2022.

Shannon was a flag bearer for Eritrea at the closing ceremony tonight. So he is not pictured here. As we leave for our homes these Olympics were historic in nature as the city of Beijing, China becomes the only city to host both the summer and Winter Olympics even though others countries have hosted both in different cities.Eritrea makes history as a top alpine skier from Africa and the top black Alpine skier in history as Shannon Abeda finished in the top 40 under very difficult situations.The world now knows Eritrea as the representation caught so many headlines. The pride displayed by Team Eritrea was incredible.

The respect that the Chinese hosts got from the world is very well deserved. What an amazing Winter Olympics it was to sum it up! The IOC President said;“’This unforgettable experience was only possible because of our gracious hosts,’ IOC president Thomas Bach says in closing ceremony speech” and executive director Michael Seium served as Chef De’ Mission of the Eritrean delegation in China for the winter Olympics.

Thank you everyone for being so kind and generous and Shannon as well as Team Eritrea appreciate your support! Eritrea was well represented.

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